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OET preparation in Karachi, my name is SM Imran and I’m offering OET classes in Karachi.

I have 3 locations in Karachi North Nazimad, Gulshan E iqbal and Shahra e Faisal.

I’m providing high quality training in order to help students so that they can prepare themselves for OET test.

OET test stands for occupational English test, this course is for medical professionals, If you are a doctor, nurse,, dentist gynecologist so you must prefer OET test for your better future.

My classes are being started on a daily basis, 1st of all I will provide you a free demo class for the OET test then you can join me.

A demo class is offered for everybody my contact number is 032187 double 04 double 5 you can WhatsApp me you can contact me and take a free demo class and if you like it then you can join me

What is OET test

OET test stands for occupational English test, this test has full parts number one part is listening part number 2 is reading part number 3 is writing part and number 4 is speaking part.

Firstly, we’ll talk about listening part in the listening part we will have a number of 42 questions and 42 questions have been divided into 3 parts number 1 is part a number 2 is part B in number 3 is part C.

Now coming up to the next point we have reading section in the reading section we have a number of 42 questions and we will be given one hour to complete this test of reading this reading test have been distributed in 3 parts number 1 is part a number 2 is part B and number 3 is part C

now coming up to the writing part we will have a letter to produce about 150 to 200 words in approximately 40 minutes so in 40 minutes we have to finish this writing.

now last but not least we have a speaking section and the speaking saction you will be given 2 assignments. Assignment number one will take about 10 minutes in which you and the examiner will have a word with any healthcare professional or you can say you will have 2 different activities of speaking So this is all about OET test we will be discussing this course in detail.