Hi. My name is Madeeha, and I am an architect currently working as an Associate Design Director in a very renowned firm of Karachi. I was planning to get Australian Permanent Residency, and for that I needed 7 bands in each module of IELTS. I had started searching for some good IELTS centres on the internet, and then I got contact details of Sir SM Imran, and I must say that became indeed a blessing for me.

I contacted him and was so impressed by the way he spoke to me on the phone. He asked me to visit one of his centres for a trial class, and the very next day I reached at Nazimabad Centre. He gave me a very pleasant welcoming response to make me feel comfortable at the very first day of my class. Then, a test was given to me to evaluate my skills of English Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. Later on, he informed me about the fee, and it is totally worth it.

It is very surprising to see that he gives home like and friendly environment to every student so that he or she can feel relaxed and can ask him every silly question about the fears and doubts of English or IELTS. These kind of quality classes are very rare these days. Individual attention is given to every student in order to build confidence in them while doing every task.

He told me different tricks and ideas that really helped me achieve my desired score. I could see the major difference in my capabilities from my first class till the last day and thus, I have made it to my required bands i.e. L-8,R-7,W-7,S-7. I must mention that this would not be possible without the immense support and endless help from him.

I would highly recommend this place for IELTS students to get their required scores. Best of luck for the future endeavours.

Wishes and Prayers

Best Regards


For a number of years, Sir Imran has been teaching students and preparing them in every way to face the challenges of IELTS, and in this job he has been greatly successful. Mostly, students in Karachi are unaware of how to face IELTS and from lack of proper guidance, they don’t get their ace score but when they turn to Sir Imran’s institution, they are warmly welcomed. Because of its high reputation, low fee structure as compared to other institutions and sir Imran’s experience in improving the level of students from bottom to top in a mere 1 to 2 months is brilliant.

I took the IELTS in November 2015 and prepared all on my own by going through extensive readings and internet but unfortunately I didn’t score the required band. This broke my morale but then I heard about Sir  Imran through a friend of mine. I first contacted him to get to know more about him and his reputation. In my first class I realized, if I could ever clear my IELTS with good bands, it would only be by joining his classes.

The learning environment in his class is intensive and also friendly. He organizes number of healthy and creative activities, which are not only fun but target our learning process. There are speaking activities among groups which boosted my confidence level and helped me with my speaking skills. Under his supervision I took the IELTS again in January 2016 and was able to achieve good bands. The exam even felt very easy due to the entire course I covered under my teachers.

He is  very innovative and understanding. I am confident that in coming time, he will achieve much higher targets due to the level of his expertise right now.




I was trying to get 7 band in each module of IELTS. I tried several times and truly speaking, I have appeared for IELTS exam from different countries just to make sure that checking criteria is fine. Every time I appeared in IELTS with a new hope and different strategy. After several attempts, I was successful in making a writing strategy for Listening, Reading  and Speaking but always ended up getting 6 or 6.5 in Writing. I was completely frustrated and started to lose hope at the same time. I was told about PTE exam that is relatively easier as compared to IELTS. This was an assumption but for me this was the Hope for success. I was ready to try anything, therefore, I started to search for preparatory course of PTE on the internet, there I got in touch with Sir SM Imran. I had already prepared for IELTS exam from a reputable institute but that was of no use. That course helped me in further refining my strategy for Reading, Listening and Speaking but not for Writing. Sir SM Imran asked me to visit him but as I had previously a bad experience in IELTS course so I didn’t want to be fooled again. Therefore, I asked him to get me prepared for PTE . He gave me an essay to write and challenge me that he could help me in clearing Writing of IELTS. I was not very confident but I didn’t want to waste any chance. After attending his course, I managed to score 7 in Writing and that was a real sense of Victory because it took me two and half years to clear my IELTS exam and almost ten tries I have challenged my IELTS exam result that cost me equivalent to IELTS fees. It is important to let you know that my background, I had my masters from Sheffield university, one of the most reputed University of UK.

In the end, I would like to recommend Sir SM Imran for IELTS preparation. Therefore, it’s no use to repeat in IELTS to increase your score. The thing that is important is strategy that he can guide you well. He can help you but it depends on your will and determination because one has to put his or her 100% efforts in order to achieve the goal.


Syed Muhammad Ali Raza