Machines have taken over domestic jobs that used to be done by hand. What are the advantages and disadvantage of this ? Give examples from your own experience.

Using a machine for doing daily household chores has many positive effects on people. However, others argue that they have some drawbacks as well.

Admittedly, there are numerous benefits of using machines for various household purposes. Firstly, because machines are sophisticated devices which enable enhance performance and productivity, a lot of time can be saved and spent on other useful things such as interacting more often with family and friends. Secondly, despite the fact that machines in most cases use non-renewable energy which is having devastating effect on environment, they also enable to lessen the physical burden faced by human beings by doing the work automatically rather than manually. Thirdly, machines empower people to save food of different kinds and other commodities for extended period of time. Finally, Food can also be genetically modified by the use of different machines, this means that people have more time to relax and enjoy everything without worrying for the season of certain fruits and vegetables to arrive.

On the other hand, a few detrimental effects are evident by the use of machines for domestic purposes. Initially, it makes people lethargic by giving them the choice of putting even the most trivial matters to machines. Sedentary lifestyle has become one way of living which leads to obesity and other health related issues. Moreover, as machines can wash clothes, prepare food conveniently, assist in cleaning, people are obsessed and they rely heavily on their potentials.

To conclude, I firmly believe that there are some inevitable drawbacks of machines. Nevertheless, the positive aspects outweigh the disadvantages. Machines are necessary in today’s hectic world and must be continued to be used to save time and energy.

 Written by Amreena From Sydney, Australia.

Some people say that a mobile phone plays a major role in their professional life. Others say it plays a more important role in their personal life. Discuss both sides. What is your opinion?



With the advancements in technology, many people are becoming far too dependent on its potential on the daily basis. People use mobile phones for personal purposes because they have many benefits for individuals. However, others think they have a few professional advantages as well.

The mobile phones are used by people because of their personal benefits. Firstly, they enable people to interact with their families and friends. Although, people can use public telephone booths and landlines for conversation with others, cell phones are the most reliable source of communicating. Secondly, as they are wireless devices, the need to stick to a place to talk is eliminated. Thirdly, sending pictures to loved ones and interacting on the go is convenient and enjoyable for everyone. Finally, a technology has added other purposes to mobile phone such as surfing internet, capturing images and many others, apart from communicating. Therefore, mobile phones are useful personal gadgets.

On the other hand, they can also be used for professional causes. They are now used by almost every business man for making their transactions and dealing with clients. Instead of commuting to various places, business people use mobile phone to make contacts and arrange meetings. Furthermore, mobile phones have various built-in applications in them, thus, a large database can be installed and used when required.

To conclude, I firmly believe that cell phones have many capabilities for daily use. The most important is to enable to interact with loved ones. If more technology is added in their existing features, a lot of other benefits can be reaped.

Written by Amreena From Sydney, Australia.


In the past, there were many differences when people traveled to other countries. Nowadays, there were many similarity between cultures all over the world. What are the possible causes in this increasing similarity? Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of this phenomena.


Countries all around the world have become similar in respect of cuisine, infrastructure, fashion and other cultural related things. There are widespread causes for this uniformity of cultures. However, it has both advantages and disadvantages.

To begin, reasons for same culture prevailing everywhere are as follows. Firstly, as a technology enables people to travel any place within short time and communicate with anyone in seconds, people know each other’s culture more often and are also adopting different aspect of it if they like. Secondly, the phenomenon of globalization has meant that availability and accessibility of anything is possible at any place of the world. This also means people can adopt whatever is trendy and in vogue at a particular period of time. Thirdly, media is a popular tool for promotion of different cultures which makes others aware of diversity of cultures and it also makes it acceptable to follow others culture. Finally, people are no more rigid in aspect of their respective cultures, it is because of education and awareness.

Undoubtedly, advantages and disadvantages are part of this uniformity of cultures. People become closer and meet and greet each other more often on their respective special occasions. For example, many cultures celebrate certain events such as Mother’s day and Father’s day. Although, this may not be from every ones culture, they are still celebrated by people of the world and parents feel valued which is beneficial for everyone.

However, there are possible disadvantages of similarities of cultures. Many cultures are dying out because their followers have started following other cultural legacy. The arts and literature have also lost their importance because most forms of the arts are inspired by respective culture.

To conclude, I personally believe that numerous reasons have caused cultural similarities and they have both negative and positive aspects. Also positive aspect far outweighs the disadvantages because people become more tolerant towards each other. If more people come closer by adopting and accepting each other culture, society can be a better place to live in.

Written by Amreena From Sydney, Australia.

Some parents say that their children are wasting enough time reading entertainment books. Children should spend their time reading serious educational books. What is your opinion? Give relevant examples.


Reading various books have enormous benefits, regardless of the fact that they are educational or entertainment. However, some people hold the view that children can only benefit themselves if they read academic books. 

To begin, children reap a lot of benefits by reading non-academic books. Firstly, as a child mind is not fully developed, they may find serious books dull and stressful. Secondly, many moral lessons are taught to children via comic and fiction books which leave indelible imprints on their memory and are hard to forget. Also, these lessons are depicted in the form of fairy tales which young pupils do not find interesting but also appealing. Thirdly, fictional books enhance imaginary power of children which aids in becoming creative minded. Finally, although, children spend hours on reading out of syllabus books which build a bad habit of wasting valuable time, there are other important benefits which their potential has to offer to the pupil.


On the contrary, it is quite understandable why some people believe that children should only read those books which are in their syllabus and purely educational. Initially, these people base their reasons on the grounds that as entertainment books are not recommended by any particular educational body, so there is a possibility of infringements of child’s mind. For shaping a child’s personality, entertainment books are sold openly in bookstores without restrictions on their use.


To conclude, I personally believe that reading books make children capable of understanding social world around them. Provided that the children read quality entertainment books and under the supervision of their elders, there is nothing wrong with reading entertainment books, rather they make them problem solver. If parents want their children  to become rounded individuals, they should allow them to read quality material.

Written by Amreena From Sydney, Australia.

Some people believe that children should be raised in cities. Others think the better location is the countryside. What is your opinion?

People have different opinions about the importance of developing a child in a city or a rural area. While some say that a countryside area might be beneficial for children upbringing, I trust that a city is the best choice in terms of long run facilities.

There are a number of good reasons why children are brought up in cities. Firstly, in cities children can get the best education in public schools and further go for a university degree. Secondly, the health and care system are much better in cities than in countrysides. Regardless of the financial condition, a family living in cities can access to complete medical treatment for its children whenever required. Thirdly, children have plenty of opportunities for outside play which are not limited to backyards only. For example, they can go to parks that are fully equipped with play rides or join children clubs and summer camps which are safe and full of enthusiastic and meaningful learning activities. Lastly, in cities whether they are in a park or in a shopping mall, children have a chance to interact with each other by sharing their ideas and learning.

On the other hand, there are some advantages for children to live in rural areas. Initially, life in countrysides is quite peaceful, and there is a clean natural environment which is beneficial for children’s development. With minimal pollution and availability of pure nutritious food, it is more likely that children who live in there will grow with a strong mind and a body. Finally, due to simple life style parents have an ample of time to spend with their young-ones and have fun together whether they are outside for picnic or at home.

In conclusion, I personally believe that growing up children in cities are much better than in rural areas because they are equipped with the conveniences that are necessary for a successful life.

From Saba, Sydney, Australia


Films can have influence on children’s education and teach them many things. Do you think it is always a positive influence? Discuss


It is true that films have impact on children’s learning and upbringing and they enjoy watching them. While others say that films can have some positive impacts on children, in my belief, there are more disadvantages than advantages.

There are some positive influences of films on children’s learning. Firstly, a family based film can teach children what makes a family and why it is important for people, by this they can understand the difference between living in a family and living alone. Secondly, a movie helps children enhance their knowledge about the real world issues. For example, the miserable lives of people who are living in poverty due to unemployment or natural calamities. Lastly, historical events that are only read in the schools and libraries can be viewed through movies in an entertaining way.

Despite the benefits of films there are a number of disadvantages that badly affect children’s development. Initially, nowadays most of the films are full of violence and inappropriate contents which adversely affect children’s psychology. In addition, long hours sitting in front of a television makes children less physically active, and if it happens on a daily basis, there is more likely a chance of getting overweight. Besides this, the music and stories in films easily distract children from their school work which can impact negatively on their academic grades. Finally, there may be a few children who are able to choose positivity elements from a movie, but most of them are tempted (attract) to wrong deeds because of their immaturity.

In conclusion, I personally believe that films sometimes can be useful for children’s learning, however, the impacts that they have on them are undoubtedly detrimental.

From Saba, Sydney, Australia


Some people prefer to live in hot climates and like the activities and lifestyle of hot climates, whereas some people love the lifestyle of cold climates. Discuss both views and your own view. You should add some examples from your own knowledge or experience.


Liking of different climatic conditions is purely a personal choice. Many people prefer hot and humid weather for personal reasons. However, others including myself like cold and wet season of the year.

To begin, people like summer season for several reasons. Firstly, in summer, bright and colourful clothes can be worn. By contrast, in winter people have to pack themselves in large woollen coats and jumpsuits. This makes people agitated. Secondly, summer season presents a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. Although, many countries can produce genetically modified food which eliminates the need of arrival of a certain season, the taste and health benefits of fresh produced food are enormous. Thirdly, many outdoor sporting activities can be done in hot weather such as cricket, volleyball and hiking, whereas, cold season makes these things difficult to enjoy. Finally, summer season is good for many business prospects as tourists visit warm places for their excursions.

On the other hand, the winter has its own charms. Winter brings eye catching attractions of snow on the top of cliffs. This is excellent condition to play with snow balls with friends and children. Also, people become bored due to one sort of weather such as summer. To escape from this routine cold season is a better choice. For, example, rain in winter gives children to play in puddles and rain drops.

To conclude, I personally feel that the occurrence of all the four weathers is an excellent condition. However, fondness of a particular weather is a personal choice.

Written by Amreena From Sydney, Australia.

We cannot help everyone in the world that needs help. Therefore we should only be concerned with our own communities or countries. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement above


Many people around the globe are suffering from poverty and other problems these days. Some people believe that all the nations and the people should extend a hand of help to everyone regardless of its country and culture. However, others argue this point of view.

To begin, those people who believe that the help should be limited to only the people of same community and country base their reasoning on the following grounds. Firstly, these people tend to think that helping everyone is not possible because many factors are involved in it, Such as high authorities might misuse financial assistance in some cases given to people from poverty stricken areas. Secondly, they think that their own communities would be neglected if more consideration is given to others. It is also understandable that no matter whether it is rich or poor nation, needy and desperate individuals live everywhere, thus, first their needs should be fulfilled. Therefore, it proves that help to own country and community is justifiable.

On the other hand, the theory of providing comfort to everyone cannot be refuted. Helping the people from all the backgrounds on the basis of humanity is what differentiates humans from animals. The Animals, for example, only help their own types and form groups and colonies, on the other hand, humans are rational beings. They should help all the people of the world. Furthermore, wars and threats have already disturbed and affected many countries of the world. If people stop helping others on humanitarian grounds, world peace could be destroyed. This may result in massive destruction. For example, those countries equipping power may destroy other countries peace to make their people prosperous. Thus, for making the world a better place to live in, helping hand should be extended to everyone regardless of its country and community background.

To conclude, I firmly believe that people all around the globe should provide a means of comfort to every individual. In order to maintain world peace people should forget differences and solve problems of one another.

Written by Amreena From Sydney, Australia.


Children of ages 7-11 now spend more time watching television and/or playing video games than before. What are the effects of this on children, family and society? What are the possible solutions to this situation


Sedentary lifestyle is common these days, as more children spend their precious time either by sitting in front of televisions or playing video games on computers. It is undoubtedly affecting many things in the lives of people, yet, solutions are possible.

To begin, this lifestyle has numerous devastating effects on children. Firstly, children’s health and wellbeing is deteriorated by sitting for prolong hours in front of television and computer. They often lose their interest in exercise and sleep, which makes them lethargic and ill.

Family of these children also suffers. Because both the parents are working very hard these days to bring up their off springs in a better environment, children’s unproductive lifestyle affects their efforts adversely. Families also fabricate hopes for their children future, therefore, a large time spent in waste is stressful for parents.

Society also suffers badly by laziness of children by watching T.V and playing video games. These days society wants intelligent, smart, well educated, and hardworking kids. Undoubtedly, children will not find need to progress academically if all the information they can get merely by watching T.V. Many education experts have proved that children have lost motivation in community culture such as looking after elders, because they have made them obsessed with the virtual world.

Given the complexity of the causes of this problem and the effects on everyone, a holistic solution is not possible. However, some potential suggestions are as follows. Firstly, completely forbidding contact with technology is harmful, so parents should allocate certain time for these sorts of activities. This will not only benefit children by giving them knowledge but also it will make them feel relax. Furthermore, communities should gather money to spend towards recreational centers, this will give children a place to meet and greet other people of the community.

To conclude, although, watching television and playing video games in excess are bad for children, moderate time spent is valuable. To reap more benefits from children’s enormous capabilities, social values should be inculcated in them.

Written by Amreena From Sydney, Australia.

As the population is growing, more homes are needed. What is your opinion whether the homes are better to be built in an existing city or in countryside


The population explosion has become a worrying trend these days. Many people believe that in order to cater the need of accommodation for people more houses should be built in country side. However, others deny to this point of view.

To begin, admittedly, building houses in regional side of a country has many benefits. Firstly, the people can rejoice from the pollutant free environment, while city dwellers live in a noisy place. Most of the places in country sides are surrounded by lush green field, this protect the people from the harmful effects of contemporary technological advancements in cities, particularly exhausts by cars and fumes by factories. In addition, as the existing population in those regions is considerably lower as compared to cities, people are more helpful and considerate about their neighbours. These qualities of building more homes in cities are favourable.

However, there are some benefits for building houses in cities as well. The necessity of commuting to city hubs is reduced, which saves time and money. Because most people in regional areas are working on small level, for example, they are mostly farmers, teachers, or small factory workers, village residence move to cities for better career prospects. Therefore, if housing is provided in cities their need to commute daily would be reduced to certain extent. Moreover, rents in the cities are sky rocketing, as a result, people struggle to find an affordable place to live in. Constructing houses will lower the cost of living. This proves that even building houses in cities is justifiable.

To conclude, I firmly believe that although providing more residential area by building houses in cities is beneficial for people, colonizing by providing homes in countryside is best. In order to manage the growing population well countryside should be made better place for people, which will also reduce burden on cities by allowing equal population distribution.



Some people believe that what is taught in schools is not as useful as what you can learn outside the school. Do you agree or disagree.

The question of whether to acquire first-hand experience from the real life or gain knowledge at school in order to learn effectively is a controversial one. However, people hold different views with regards to this situation.

Admittedly, things learned from the real world are beneficial for pupil. Those lessons which are experienced by students from outside the schools leave indelible and ever-lasting influence on their lives. Children often learn the fundamental skills of life from their inmates, while play. These include managing anger, cooperating, tolerating and other skills which become their experience and are hard to forget. In addition, although, these abilities can be learn from schools, they are not as effective as a real experience. Moreover, children now believe in practical things and any material taught at school may not attract them unless experimented. Thus all the lessons learned from outside the boundaries of schools are effective.

However, it cannot be denied that school teaching is the most appropriate way of learning and valuable. Firstly, as teachers are well-equipped with all the necessary knowledge to teach children, children learn quite quickly because they are aware of the credibility of the source. Secondly, the syllabus taught at school has carefully planned and tested and it has also passed the test of age, on the other hand, the outside lessons have not been tested by anyone. Finally, schools are the genuine providers of education and their style and credibility is difficult to judge as compare to learning from outside world, so their lessons are also useful.

To conclude, I personally believe that though few lessons are effective from the real world, school teaching is inevitable to gain rounded knowledge. If curriculum is made more practical in the future, I believe tremendous benefits can be gained.

Written by Amreena From Sydney, Australia.

Some people say that news media is becoming more influential today peoples’ lives and it is a negative development. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


The importance of escalating mass media in today’s world is inevitable. However, a few people argue that it is not a beneficial thing.

To begin, the growing importance of news media and its effects on peoples’ lives have numerous benefits. Firstly, in many democratic countries where choosing right political leader is a crucial task, news assists people to know their rights and choose their leaders wisely. Secondly, people regularly listen news to know about climatic condition, stock exchange rate , booming business and for other important things, if media was not present lives of people would be very difficult in order to make decisions about various things. Thirdly, news media educates many unfortunate children in some parts of the developing countries who cannot afford to go to school. For example, if a child does not goes to school but manages to listen to the news every day, his general knowledge about different things around him increases spontaneously. Finally, the role of media in todays’ contemporary society is profound and its influence on people is in a positive way.

Nevertheless, proponents of the view that media is having devastating effects on individuals believe that it has fully taken control of people’s minds. They argue that although, it seems that news has empowered people to take any decision they think is right, many news places pressure on individuals by depicting their message  emotionally and rather forcefully. They also believe that all the information shown is not always true because some channels are paid by private companies and they are forced to show what their companies wanted.

To conclude, I firmly believe that news media plays vital role in our lives. However, there are some agencies who promote illegitimate material, but the best approach is to not let it control our lives by believing everything which is broadcast.

Many universities are offering jobs to students one year prior to their graduation from the course. Explain the advantages and disadvantages. What is your opinion?


Jobs are often offered to prospective graduates, which has both positive and negative effects on the individuals and the society as a whole.


There are many benefits of introducing ‘graduates to be’ jobs before completing their education. Firstly, giving jobs boosts self-confident in young people by satisfying them that their years of hard work have paid off. Secondly, many other students are encouraged to pursue degree education when they see their seniors are getting jobs before finishing their studies. Thirdly, it is imperative in today’s world where living cost is increasing at an alarming rate, to offer young people jobs as early as possible to pay their expenses. Finally, although, offering jobs to inexperience individuals may cost huge sums of money on training, the value of getting innovative ideas and novel approach from young minds is worthwhile.


On the other hand, there are many disadvantages of letting pupil commence full fledge career before completion of their graduation. Initially, lack of experience and judgement make pupil struggle, as a result, they quit job. Moreover, it creates pressure on the job market when all of the sudden it has to cater the needs of clients with zero tolerance toward mistakes. Furthermore, competition becomes very fierce, putting things at chaos.


To conclude, I personally believe that provided the circumstances are favourable, governments should privilege individuals jobs at least one year before finishing their degrees. If workforce becomes equipped with skilled and dedicated workers whole country can benefit from this.

The number of people living today to the age of 100 is increasing steadily. What are the reasons for this? What effects does it have on individual and on society? Give reasons for your opinion.



Life expectancy of people is increasing significantly. It is a very serious issue of today’s society as it is affecting welfare sector, job recruitment sector and normal household system.


To begin, there are many reasons for this increase in people’s ages. Firstly, the cutting edge advancement in technology has meant that lives of the individuals can be raised. As medical system provides facilities such as organ transplant, blood transfusion, and artificial oxygen, living longer has become reality as compared to previous generations when availability of even the most humble medicines was a dream. Secondly, education and awareness are empowering people to look after themselves properly, previously one factor of individuals dying at a much humble age, apart from poor nutrients and diet was ignorance. People did not know about dangers and at the same time benefits of various things. Finally, accessibility of medicines and multivitamins has become easier which also results in longevity of life.

There are undoubtedly numerous effects of increase in lives. Initially, as in some countries of the world people retire at a much younger age or at a much older age, in both the situations a huge amount of burden is placed on the young generation. This situation also leads to other innumerable problems, such as poverty, over population, family disputes and similar alike. Moreover, health sector of the countries suffers badly. Although, people’s lives is raised by using artificial means, there organs are constantly suffered, therefore, they end up more often at hospitals. As a result, more doctors and nurses are required which causes excessive expenditure by both governments and families of those elderly people.

To conclude, I personally believe that although it is unethical to restrict the rights of people to live longer, steps can be taken to use their knowledge and experience wisely. If the responsible authorities raise the age limit of retirees than a lot of benefits are achievable by using their potentials.


Governments spend huge amount of money on arts. Some people feel that this is justified, whereas others feel that this money can be used for public health and education. Give your views and your opinion.


Whether the governments should spend money on arts or other important sectors is a controversial issue. However, many people feel that huge amount of money should be spend on medical and education rather than on art and amusement.

To begin, admittedly, money allocated to art has paramount role in building a nation. Initially, high brows around the world flew in search of novel artistic expressions of artists. They spend millions of dollars to experience extravagant forms of art. Obviously, this money can be spend wisely by the governments on other necessary works, such as, education, medical and infrastructure of the country. Moreover, society would be dull and boring without art and its related things. Because healthy mind nurtures the body, the art is important for the whole community. For example, music heals many minds and souls, therefore, it is unimaginable in this hectic world to find peace without music. In addition, People are working round the clock and their genes could be at chaos with non- existence of not even a single source of amusement.

On the other hand, it is quite understandable why some people believe that responsible authorities of the nations should allocate handsome amount of money on the most necessary works such as health, medical and education sectors. These people base their reasoning on the grounds that sporting venues, concert halls and stadiums are not in any way balanced alternative for hospitals , schools, and laboratories. These people also argue that even though governments  claim that they would  spend money on fulfilling public needs, seldom have they spend money on people rather they again spend it on entertainment industry itself.

To conclude, I personally believe that governments should allocate equal amount of money on both entertainment and other necessary pursuits. If they follow strict guidelines to pay equal attention to both necessary things, I think a sustainable source of income for individuals and nations can be achieved.

Films can have influence on children’s education and teach them many things. Do you think it is always a positive influence.

Watching films leads to innumerable problems, if the theme depicts violence and cruelty. However, others believe that it is beneficial for children’s learning.

To begin with, there are many problems of watching films among children. Firstly, although, the main purpose of films is to educate right things, aware public and teach moral codes, children are often reluctant to perceive what actual purpose of films are because of their immaturity. Secondly, because children are not intellectually develop, they may take wrong lessons from films. Thirdly, as more adults watch movies for relaxing, why would children want to learn from it, they would also perceive  meanings according to their own perception and interest.  Fourthly, movies often depict wrong role models. For example, heroes may be brawling, smoking or killing others, as a result children try to emulate heroes of the movies which create problems for the society and individuals themselves. Finally , there may be few children who pick good things from movies, but  most of the children are tempted to wrong deeds because of their immaturity.

On the other hand, films teach children important lessons of life which are valuable because they may not always taught by tutors in school or parents in houses. Initially, as films usually portray happy endings, this  teach children that if they fight for good purpose or work hard they may succeed eventually. In addition, films teach that wrong doers are always punished and sent send to.

prison, this will also deter young from committing crime. It is therefore believed that films educate pupils.

To conclude, I believe that films are sometimes bad influence for children. However, if censorship  board places strict law and order or age limit to watch certain films is raised then films can play vital role in education young generation.

Should children be sent to universities or to be trained such as car mechanic etc?

Some people believe that it is more valuable to send young people to acquire tertiary education. However, others argue that acquiring vocational training has some benefits as well.

To begin, attainment of university education has numerous positive effects. Firstly, most prospective employers are looking for individuals with high degrees. The competition in job market is so immense that only individuals with qualification equivalent to degree or higher are acceptable. Secondly, acquiring a skill such as, building or fixing is undoubtedly beneficial, however, it only feeds few mouths as compared to degree qualification. Thirdly, opportunities for candidates with  university education increase, whereas , those with particular skills have limited and restricted chances. Finally, in today’s world gaining extensive knowledge is imperative for one’s mind and body.

On the other hand, people with vocational training are also contributing to the society. Intially, what would be society like without plumbers, electricians, builders and similar alike professionals? Obviously we need them to look after our affairs beside those degree holder professionals. Therefore, it is quite understandable that acquiring vocational training is justified.

To conclude, I personally believe that universities and vocational training centres  must be open to all, provided they pass entry requirements .I am afraid that if all people try to embark tertiary education, our society can be at disadvantage.

Some people say young people should travel to different countries. Others say no.

Visiting different parts of the world is beneficial for youngsters. However few people argue that it is not as good as staying in their own country.

To begin, the benefits of travelling to different countries cannot be refuted. Firstly, young people can broaden horizon of their mind. When they come across wide variety of cultures, their knowledge increases, thus mind is open to except different ideas. Secondly,  beyond increasing the knowledge of people, it boost confident by giving them drawn out introduction of the real world around. Thirdly,  as curiosity makes individuals to discover something new, so people can invent something by travelling. Finally, travelling is not only good for young people but also for the whole society because when young people  travel to  places they expose themselves to different aspect of life which makes them responsible human beings.

Nevertheless, there are quite worries related to visiting different countries by youngsters. initially, they may attract to the charms of the outside world and never return back to their practical life. Moreover as their mind is not fully developed they may indulge in illegal activities such as, drug trafficking and similar others because of their vulnerability. It is therefore believed by many people that young people visiting other countries is not always favourable.

To conclude, I personally believe that travelling to different places is very beneficial to youngsters and they should visit different countries. I hope in future government of every nation will pave the ways for young people to travel.

Some people believe that what is taught in schools is not as useful as what you can learn outside the school. Do you agree or disagree?

Learning can occur anywhere whether a person is in the school or in a real context. While a few think that knowledge gained from outside might be helpful, in my view, a school is the best source of providing valuable experiences.

There are a good number of explanations why learning from a school is beneficial. The first and most important reason is children can learn about various subjects, such as English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, and understand their relevance in a real life. Secondly, in a school children are provided with opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities, such as sports and competitions which are beneficial for their personal development. Moreover, in a classroom they are encouraged to work collaboratively as a team, and follow the classroom rules and procedures by which they building their habit to live a disciplined life which will positively impact their working life in future as well. Lastly, a school embraces the idea of equality and teaches its students to be kind and respectful to others.

Learning that a child receives from outside the school has also some advantages. Initially, a child can observe that in a society there are different working communities that supply goods and services to satisfy needs and wants of people. Besides this, the understanding about the formation of a neighbourhood and its role in a society often comes from outside. In addition, many social settings, such as a marriage provide good insight about the foods and traditional dresses. Finally, outside the school children learn about different religions and beliefs of people which are sometimes difficult to convey in a classroom.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that a school is the best place for learning where children receive meaningful education in a systematic and positive way.

Written by Saba From Sydney, Australia.


It is common in several culture that people change their hair color, use cosmetics, use jewelry and have cosmetic surgeries performed. In your opinion, why people do so? Do you think that it is good to make such changes? Give reasons or use our own examples to support your answer.




From centuries people from diverse race and ethnicity have been using various treatments to make their appearance attractive and pleasing. While others say that changing the looks can have positive result, in my opinion, it can cause more harm than good.

There are a number of good reasons that people change their appearances. At first, using skin products and hair colouring are very common in women, especially, as they make them look attractive. Moreover, it is a part of almost all cultures and traditions, such as marriages and festivals to apply cosmetics. Besides this, due to the increasing trend in fashion people are becoming highly motivated to wear the latest designed clothes. Young adults perceive this as a part of their personality development and confidence boost, which is an important part for their social and professional lives. Lastly, they believe that adopting latest fashion gives them inner feeling of happiness and removes boredom.

But the rising tendency of fashionable clothes and cosmetics amongst children and teenagers is damaging their psychological and academic development. For instance, teenage girls measure their personal image against models and beauty icons and copy their styles to become eye-catching and gain peer attention, and when these desires develop eventually, they may suffer from emotional or academic loss. Finally, sometimes regular use of these chemically compounded cosmetics may have detrimental effects that can cause a person to take expensive treatments for long time.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that the disadvantages of using beauty products and treatments outweigh the advantages because they contain harmful chemicals and therefore, not all the outcomes would be positive.

Written by Saba From Sydney, Australia.

Some people are saying that children shouldn’t wear uniform to school because they can’t express themselves. Do you agree or disagree? Give examples from your own.

People have different opinions about the necessity of a school uniform. While some consider that a school uniform can be a restriction on students’ self expression, I believe that it has a great significance in the educational achievements of students.

To begin, there are several benefits of a school uniform. Firstly, school uniforms work as a driving force for students to perform better academically. A lot of research in support of school uniforms say that they improve learning because students are not focused on what they are wearing; they are less distracted and thus, more attentive on their tasks. Secondly, buying school uniforms are more economic than regular dresses in this high priced fashionable world thus, this places less financial pressure on the parents. For example, in some countries where children are allowed to wear regular dresses at schools, the frequent purchase of new clothes has become a stress for parents. Lastly, and most importantly, a school uniform helps diminishes the cultural and economic differences among the students and embraces the notion of equality.

However, proponents believe that a uniform hampers a student’s ability to self express has some reasons. Initially, they think that children in different dresses are more able to express their ideas and beliefs. This freedom is helpful in building confidence in them which would improve their school performances. Moreover, wearing colourful dresses daily for school would internally motivate students to attend the school daily which would improve their attendance level. Finally, in the belief of these people, school uniforms are dull, lifeless and uncomfortable that affect negatively the freedom of students.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that students should wear school uniforms as they will actually improve their school performance which is not only honorable for their school but for themselves as well.

Written by Saba From Sydney, Australia.

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Nowadays congestion and traffic jams are a common and major problem in most cities. Some people believe it is a good idea to construct wider roads to resolve this issue. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? What can be the solution, in your opinion?

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Many people think that important things in life are mostly free or can’t be bought. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your opinion and examples from your own experience.

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Many parents believe that children should play team sports like football, basketball and so on, instead of individual sports such as swimming or running, during the school scheduled timetable. Do you agree or disagree with the above statement?




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  1. waleed khan says:

    It is common in several culture that people change their hair color, use cosmetics, use jewelry and have cosmetic surgeries performed. In your opinion, why people do so? Do you think that it is good to make such changes? Give reasons or use our own examples to support your answer.

    Fashion technology has had a major impact on culture as well as lifestyle of people in our present world.we live in this contemporary era, make-up such as hair dye, expensive cosmetic products, accessories, and plastic surgery are too common. People think that without help of these items they are no longer look good in the society . This is simply to gain the fame,name, dignity,honor,position and even some says to snare someone’s attention.

    Firstly, the current world is highly competitive; people are graded by the way they appear, right from school to business meetings. In such a case, success can be easily endured by impressing others with a smart look.plastic surgery are popular among celebrities. They change their look by upgrading their features by implementing such an expensive surgery. As result, They look younger as they grew older. For example football players try to look younger by injecting botulinum toxin to hide the wrinkles in their face.and Pop singer michael Jackson change their skin color of full body through skin surgery

    Secondly, we live in a serious demanding world . the big and major threat is to those who are working in the office environment . Requirement such as , Good looking , Charming personality are also to be consider in the job , for both male or female. for women ,such as bridal workups during weddings, thanks to the cosmetic industry, beauty salon as well as the fashionable ornaments available these days.

    On the other hand, it is not necessary a person to change or throwing huge money to change their looks. We should not forget the ill effects of chemicals and hazardous substance used in the beauty products.

    In conclusion, I firmly believe that should carefully measure the advantages as well as their side effects. If done in a correct way it can only be beneficial and lead to personal development

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